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Active Projects

Project Praelium

Project Praelium is a WIP, turn-based, RPG built in Unity. Inspired by classic JRPGs such as Shin Megami Tensei and Trails, @tlozsr_iidx and I put together a short (~60 minutes) prototype focusing heavily on fleshing out the core mechanics of our strategic turn-based battle system. I am responsible for architecting and implementing most of the game-wide systems, such as battle flow, enemy AI, UI, input, and data management. I've also been working deeply with Unity's UI Toolkit to take advantage of my knowledge of web technologies in order to build a robust UI. Music by @RoPanuganti.

Shipped Projects


FishFriendos is a cooperative HTML5 game, inside of a extension. Twitch reached out to me to put together an extension to showcase a new feature on their extension platform. I was responsible for putting together a small development team to bring this product to completion in 2 months. I was the lead developer, focusing on building the Serverless backend leveraging Amazon Web Services and the core components of the game using Phaser 3. The extension was released in April 2018 and is featured on Twitch's Bits Extensions to Try page. Additional gameplay programming by @tlozsr_iidx. Artwork by @Piranhartist.

*Requires being logged into Twitch.


FlyBug is an HTML5/mobile arcade game designed for iOS devices built using GameMaker Studio alongside @Programancer at the peak of "Flappy Bird"'s popularity. I was responsible for integrating score-sharing via social media, integrating Apple Game Center support to allow for an online leaderboard, as well as HTML5 ads and analytics. The game launched on iOS in June 2014 and was sunset in 2015. Artwork and music by @Programancer.


TEMPO is an HTML5 shoot'em up arcade game for mobile devices developed with @Programancer and built with GameMaker Studio. I handled optimizing the game for HTML5 and integrated support for ads and analytics. I also ported the entirety of the game from GMS1 to GMS2 later down the line. The game was licensed to (now defunct) BoosterMedia and distributed to various HTML5 game websites. Artwork by @Programancer and @jordizzle.

Pipe Drain

Pipe Drain is a simple HTML5 puzzle game designed for mobile devices I built using GameMaker Studio. It was licensed and distributed to a handful HTML5 game websites through (now defunct) BoosterMedia. The game is now open source and available on GitHub. Artwork by @Programancer.

Game Jam Projects

GMTK Game Jam 2019

We didn't know what to call it...

I participated in the Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam in 2019 with @tlozsr_iidx as a means to dive headfirst into Unity. The theme was "Only One". We had the idea to do a simple "puzzle platformer" where the character had only one item they can leverage, but it had several different functions. In this case, a ladder. You could use the ladder... as a ladder, a bridge, as a weapon, and throw it to trigger switches. Our results weren't stellar, but it was nice being able to complete something in time. Character artwork by @Piranhartist, free world assets by Kenney.

Other... stuff...?

Foster Platformer

FosterPlatformer is a C# port of @NoelFB's tink_link game. I thought it would be a fun project to get myself back into the swing of game dev in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. It's built using the Foster framework and is fully open source on GitHub. Original programming and assets all belong to @NoelFB.

OoT2D Unity

OoT2D Unity is a (very much incomplete) Zelda fan game developed using Unity. I started working on this immediately after the 2019 GMTK Game Jam to continue to familiarize myself with the Unity engine. In its current state, Link just has a handful of basic actions such as rolling, attacking with a sword, and picking up objects. It also has a means of automatically importing sprites and animations from Aseprite files and maps from Tiled files. The project is fully open source and available on GitHub. Inspired by Team Dekunutz's OoT2D FSA project.

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